Imagine the impact on your customers of seeing a life-size version of your product or brand moving through a crowd, stopping to say hello and interacting with the crowd about their benefits ...

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V'Me Gesture World

Make your concepts more clear by allowing your audience to participate using our interactive and immersible environments rather than making them watch & listen to presentation videos ...

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From Lab to Show-Biz

Why settle for predictable marketing strategies, when you could do much much more ! Hire one of our robots or other innovative technologies and make your event even more memorable ...

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AdverTron, Meet India's First Marketing and Advertising Robot

Hire me as part of your brand communication strategy !!

I can ...
Play music and speak English
Interact with my touch screen and provide a lot of information
Know where I am and where I need to go
Move safely and smoothly around people and objects
Come in different sizes and shapes as per your choice

Hire me as your mobile information desk, tour guide, brand mascot, or entertainment robot for your shops, shopping malls, trade fairs, exhibitions, museums and for marketing events of any kind.

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V'Me Gesture World, It's time to get hold of the digital world.

Are you getting bored of those routine boring slide-shows and product presentation videos ?

Do you want your audience to interact and immerse more into your event or product,you can actually do this by employing one of our V'Me Gesture Kiosks.

V'Me Gesture Kiosks are available for weddings, corporate/social events, car & jewellery showrooms, architects, offices and in fact anybody who want to control their environment using gestures ...

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From Lab To Show-Biz...

Why settle for traditional things, instead hire from one of our innovative ideas...

Story Telling Robots - Your Personal Story Teller Robot
Augmented Reality Kiosks
P-Balls - Balls with Personality (Part Balls, Part Robots)
If you like something customized, tell us your requirement and we will come with some thing unique for you.

Please contact us to know more about our offerings, we will send you a detailed application manual once we get your request.

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